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Global Macro is a top down approach to trading

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We all know that technical indicators have a lag factor, so if you’re looking for a proactive string to add to your trading bow; an advance indication of what the markets are likely to do, our Trading is perfect for you. You should choose this course if you want to:

Be able to predict with scientific accuracy what’s most likely to happen next in the forex market as well as options, futures, CFDs etc.

Learn how to increase your win ratio, reduce your losses and stay in trades longer to earn bigger profits.

Plan your trades like a professional, using global events as well as technical strategies to pinpoint your entries, exits and stops.

Expand your knowledge and understanding of the impact that global economic, political and financial events have on all tradable markets.

No matter whether you’re new to trading or have been struggling for years, if want all of these things (and a whole lot more), you should reserve your place on our Trading right now.

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