Wave59 PowerUser Conference 2011

and some of Wave59’s most accomplished & prolific PowerUsers present all-new trading methods, tools & techniques designed to maximize your Wave59 trading experience. There is perhaps no better venue to learn new skills and meet other traders than the Wave59 PowerUser conference - this information is completely new and has never been presented before. 

Spherical Astrology
Neall Concord-Cushing Next Generation of Market Forecasting
G<>< 8xphi Method
Dimitri Villard Pyrapoint Basics
Lars von Thienen Sentiment Cycles Demystified
Malcolm Moos System Evaluation Basics
Experimental Numerology
Dave Jeffrey Astro Trading Toolkit
Barrie Hetirachi Five Point Pattern Tool
Mechanical Lunar System
G<>< Sepharial's Cradle Method

: Back at the last PowerUser conference, Earik discussed the discovery of Etheric Planets, a new way of looking at the solar system that not only explains how planetary phenomena can affect us here on Earth, but also provides significantly better market timing information than can be obtained using conventional astrophysics. In this conference, Earik will push the envelope even further and will reveal his research on Spherical Astrology. While fiendishly difficult to calculate by hand, computerized models provide information that produce extraordinary market timing information. Review patterns that have been 75%+ accurate over the history of the Dow, learn how to use intraday astrology correctly (finally!), and best of all, receive Earik’s full-blown 100% mechanical Lunar system, which has produced 60% annual returns every year over the last 20 years when backtested against the Dow.  Read more in the Wave59 Forum  Earik will also present practical applications of numerology and number cycles. You will learn about a simple 9-period cycle pattern, and how you can use the first part of the pattern to determine the price level a market must reach during the last part of the pattern (with 70%+ accuracy). You will also learn about how number cycles affect non-market events, such as roulette spins, and Earik will present a mechanical system developed to take advantage of this bias. If you thought roulette was simply a game of chance, you will be surprised to view the equity run on this method after having been backtested on a database of over 800,000 live spins!

Neall Concord-Cushing: Neall is the author of six books including Secrets of Trading and Making MoneySecrets of the Law of Vibration and a number of other works found in the Wave59 bookstore.  His latest book, The Next Generation of Market Forecasting is now available in the Wave59 Bookstore and will be his topic of discussion.  This book reveals, for the first time, new geometrical patterns on 2D price/time charts and then delves into the 3D & 4D worlds of fractal patterns, for a forecasting system never before published.  This new set of higher fractal iterations takes away the confusion of gaps and missing information.  This has never been made public and will be presented for the first time to attendees of the conference.  Click here for additional information

g<>< (gfish): g<>< is a valued trader and researcher and long time friend of Wave59.  He has achieved rarefied status among the Wave59 community with ground-breaking work into various aspects of natural law and the more esoteric aspects of Wave59.  g<>< will be presenting two of his more powerful tools and methods, and attendees will leave with an invaluable Wave59 script that they can use in their own trading.

Barrie Hetirachi: Barrie is a professional trader and long time Wave59 PowerUser, having spent the last twenty years developing and honing his tools into methods that give him a razor-sharp edge. Coming on the heels of his much-acclaimed work on ellipses last year, Barrie will present the work he’s done on his 5-point pattern, which can be used to trade any market. You will learn the basics of the pattern, how to use it to project turning points in price and time, and most importantly how to then trade those turns. Barrie has combined Fibonacci, geometry, and pattern recognition into a powerful all-in-one analysis approach that will let you pinpoint extremely high probability trading opportunities on any market and time frame.

Dave Jeffrey: Dave holds a degree in physics and has spent a number of years researching and utilizing astro techniques into his trading.  He knows that many traders find astrology and astrophysics intriguing for research, but often have questions how to regularly include it in their "trading toolkit."  Dave will present a variety of setups for attendees using astro and chart analysis that they can immediately incorporate in their trading.  Read more in the Wave59 Forum

Lars von Thienen: Lars von Thienen holds a degree in engineering and management.  He has worked as a programmer, scientist, trader and business consultant for over 20 years.  Lars has extensive experience putting technical engineering know-how such as mathematics and physics into practice in technical trading analysis, and in 2010 released Decoding the Hidden Market Rhythm to a terrific reception.  Lars will be presenting a completely new cycles discovery - Major Geomagnetic Reversal Dates - linking space weather conditions to market turning points.  Not only does this research correlate with past turning points, Lars will show you how to use his new indicator in Wave59 with daily trading strategies for a profitable mechanical trading system.  Lars has also coded a special DLL and completely new Wave59 indicator that will be provided for purchasers of the 2011 PowerUser Conference.   Read more in the Wave59 Forum

Dimitri Villard: Dimitri is a long-time user of Wave59.  Dimitri started his career trading commodities and futures on Wall Street with the largest dealer in coffee, cocoa, sugar and rubber.  He later became a motion picture producer, with numerous credits including Once Bitten, Flight of the Navigator and In Love and War.  More recently, he co-founded Pivotal BioSciences, a University of Southern California spin-out developing innovative cancer immunotherapy drugs, and is CEO of Peer Media Technologies, the leading provider of internet anti-piracy services to the entertainment industry.  Dimitri will demonstrate his Pyrapoint trading technique which he has used for many years.  Pyrapoint was originally developed by Don Hall, based on Gann's theories of Price and Time, and can be used to indicate tops and bottoms as well as high probability continuation trades.  Dimitri's presentation will focus on practical examples of how to use Pyrapoint in Wave59.

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