Drummond Geometry – The Complete Program (30 Lessons)

Thirty years in development, four years in the writing, and now the first complete update. The Millennium Lessons by . We believe they stand as one of the major accomplishments in technical analysis. The course conveys a comprehensive understanding of the way that markets work. After you complete this course you will know more about the structure and character of the financial markets than 99.5% of all market participants.

The course is suitable for stock traders, futures traders, option traders, or cash traders. It works on equities, commodities, financial futures, FOREX, ETF’s, options, indexes and mutual funds — on any freely traded market, anywhere. It is effective for day-traders, swing-traders, position-traders, or long-term investors. It holds value for very experienced, seasoned professional traders as well as those who are beginning their trading career.

Here what the course consists of:

  • 30-internet based lessons, each level covering a major topic, and each building on the other from the basics to the final trade plans. Each lesson takes two to four hours to complete.
  • Self-tests and exercises to consolidate your knowledge
  • “Walk-Forward” training and examples
  • Reviews of key trading concepts
  • Lesson Notes, Indexes, summaries
  • Formulas, statistical research, track records and trade plans
  • Telephone and email support if you hit a glitch
  • Downloadable PDF files of key essay sections

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