Copyhackers – 10X Facebook Ads by Wahida Lakhani

Featuring copywriting for Instagram Ads

Until now, only available through Copy School 2019 (and those doors closed months ago), this is THE masterclass in writing 10x more persuasive ads, so you can #convertallthepeople and #winallthesales.

In just hours, you’ll learn the copywriting system for converting casual Facebook scrollers into leads, subscribers and buyers – while other advertisers get the cold indifference that once made you shudder at the very mention of Facebook.

I’m Joanna Wiebe - and I am NOT the creator of 10x Facebook Ads. I am, however, the person who tracked down and sought out the best Facebook ad copywriter I’d ever heard of. Then I asked her to train me on Facebook ad copywriting. And then I asked her to train YOU, too.

Meet your trainer:

Wahida Lakhani

The Facebook ad copywriter with $1M+ in unrelenting, hands-on ad copy testing

Wahida Lakhani has earned multi-millions in revenue for clients, managing over $1 million in ad spend across some of the most competitive and difficult verticals globally.

Her 10x Facebook Ads copy system was developed through years of unrelenting, hands-on testing to deliver high returns – consistently and with very little room for error.

Wahida is not only an ad strategist and full-funnel optimization pro. She’s also a conversion copywriting consultant hired by some of the best-known digital marketers, plus dozens of coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs.

Before running an agency, Wahida cut her teeth learning persuasion in the tech startup and agency space where she worked with Fortune 500 companies and household name brands, including Coca-Cola and L'Oréal.

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