Chris Tyler – The For Successful Triangle Trading

Let 8-Year Veteran Floor Trader Teach You How To Make Money With Triangles, Breakouts and Gaps!

New! “The Trading Series,” A New And Improved Way To Trade Classical Patterns…

Floor Veteran has released a new interactive training module series teaching you how to successfully trade 3 of the best patterns for traders…Triangles, Breakouts and Gaps.

 More importantly, Chris is teaching many new and never before seen ways to take advantage of these classic patterns.

The Trading Series is broken into 3 separate modules. These modules are:

  • Module 1: “The For Successful Triangle Trading”
  • Module 2: “My Most Effective For Breakouts”
  • Module 3: “My Favorite Methods For Gaps”

Chris’ first module focuses on triangles. Here is what you will learn:

The Best For Successful Triangle Trading

The trading world has known for decades that triangles potentially lead to substantial gains. What Chris (and many other traders) has found is that for a triangle breakout to be successful, it must be accompanied by other factors. Chris will teach you, for the first time, specific strategies that combine triangles with a combination of trend, momentum, volatility and more.

These combinations can be immediately applied to your trading. Specifically, Chris teaches them to you in five in-depth sections. These sections are:

  1. The Best Intraday Triangles— Do you daytrade? Once correctly identified, intraday triangles provide you with ways of entering both continuation moves within trends and powerful reversals. You will learn the strategies of identifying both situations and entering them at the ideal times.2. Tyler Momentum Triangles— Tyler Momentum Triangles combine high and low relative strength readings with a specific triangle formation that will give you entries into potentially explosive moves. Once Chris’ criteria for a valid momentum triangle has been met, you will immediately increase the odds that the triangle breakout will be successful.3. Low ADX Triangle Explosions — Chris has found that some of the best moves occur when you combine low ADX with a specific triangle pattern. Chris will teach you how to identify this pattern and the ADX filters he uses to find these moves.
  2. Explosion Triangles – Explosion Triangles enable you to find high-probability triangle setups so that you can focus only on the ones that have the greatest potential for sudden, high-magnitude moves. By applying the rules of this strategy (which Chris adapted from Larry Connors research), you will no longer have to depend strictly on your own subjective judgment of how “good” a triangle looks in a chart.5. Triangle Reversals –– Some of the biggest moves come from breakouts from triangles that fail. Chris will teach you the one triangle setup that has the highest probability of failing and the potential to lead to the biggest gains as these reversals take place.

Once you master the strategies above, you will be ready to exploit triangles in variety of new and powerful ways. You will know…

  • How to recognize triangles that have the very best trading potential. You will learn the specific characteristics you must look for to find the triangles that offer real trading opportunities. This will allow you to focus on the winners and ignore triangles that are destined for failure.
  • How to predict the direction of a triangle breakout. Triangles within trends tend to break out in the direction of the trend, but only if the trend is strong enough. You will know when the trend strength criteria is met and anticipate the direction of a triangle breakout.
  • How to distinguish between triangles that fail and those that produce fast powerful moves.Using Larry Connors’ volatility research, you will learn how to find the one or two winning triangle trades out of many similar-looking triangles that are likely to fizzle out.
  • The best triangles for daytraders. Excellent moves are often triggered when intraday triangles break out.Learn what kinds of patterns work best and what the market must be doing in order for you to trade these moves successfully. On Jan. 3, 2002, KLAC broke out of an intraday symmetrical triangle and was up nearly a point in one hour.

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