– ProTradersClub - Fx Elite Program (2020)

The FX Elite Program Includes:

  • Price Action Course – 110 Videos!
  • 180 Club All Time Best Teaching Sessions (more to be added)!
  • 6 Years of Club Searchable Archives Using LearnDash Search Tool.
  • AUDJPY Course
  • FX Fundamentals Course
  • Psychology and Risk of Institutional Traders Course

This Program Will Teach You..

  • Highly Detailed Insights, Instruction and Application of Market/Price Structure
  • How to Internalize Market Behavior and Develop into a Trader
  • Concurrent Development of Your Trading Model and Psychology
  • Build a Trading Model Uniquely Your Own
  • Become and Independent Thinker and Master of Price
  • Fully Scalable Fractal Trading Model
  • All Chris’ favorite strategies for short and long term trading
  • … and much more

Chris gets into the depths of deal flows and explains exactly why price moves the way it does, bringing precision to your trading.

’s understanding and application of Price Behavior and Market Structure is unmatched as he pulls everything together in this course.

The Price Action Course contains highly detailed teachings of price behavior incomparable in the FX retail marketplace.

The course aims to make you highly proficient in the area of institutional pricing dynamics. Chris shares his years of study and application into institutional pricing engines and their impact on MDP buy side price matching mechanics, multi-instrument FX liquidity pooling, price and liquidity relationships, latency comparisons, last look, execution times, liquidity aggregation, price delivery and more, to help you optimize your trading capability.

Chris will engage you in a process to help you see exactly why price behaves the way it does. He brings you to the root of price delivery and integrates the entirety of the market detailing liquidity, price movement and how it converts into a consistent trading performance.

As an originator of applying Fractal Geometry to financial market behavior, Chris is acknowledged for his ability to dissect market psychology, liquidity and price relationships. The importance of applying “Fractal” concepts, which makes the trading models scalable for scalpers to long term traders.

The content in this course will materially change how you see price behavior and market structure. The basic material found in the free members area reflects less than 1% of the content in the Price Action Course.

20 years’ experience in FX. 10 years registered with NFA as a CTA. Funds management and institutional FX experience.

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