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“Who Else Wants A Time-Tested, Step-By-Step ‘BLUEPRINT‘ That Reveals How You Can Discover Hidden Trades With Astonishing Simplicity (While Other Traders Just Sit By And Twiddle Their Thumbs) That You Can Use Again And Again To Jump All Over Trend Reversals In The Markets?”

Most Traders WON’T Read This Important Letter… But DECISIVE Traders WILL…

  • FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE! Michigan resident releases step-by-step trading method that reveals how you can find hidden trading opportunities in any market. “I believe this is the most complete and in-depth course ever created that focuses purely on trend reversals,” said Poulos.  “In fact, some traders have even called my new method, ‘The BEST explanation of trend reversal divergence they’ve ever seen.'”
  • Futures, forex, stock, and options trading is not appropriate for everyone. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading these markets. Losses can and will occur. No system or methodology has ever been developed that can guarantee profits or ensure freedom from losses. No representation or implication is being made that using the Super Divergence Blueprint methodology or system will generate profits or ensure freedom from losses.
  • “I just went through 1 and 1/3 years of daily data on the EUR/DOL forex pair just trading two contracts exactly as you outlined. $28,892.00 after commissions! Great way to trade, clear cut rules, and easy to understand. Good job, Bill.” Randy Exner
  • No representation is being made that these results can or will be obtained in the future, or that losses were not incurred subsequent to the date on which the testimonial was provided. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading futures, forex, stocks, and options. Only risk capital should be used.

From The Desk of Farmington Hills, MI

Dear Trader,

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — not all trading methods are appropriate for all traders, even the one I’m going to tell you about on this web page. That comment mightincite some of the ‘gurus’ that market trading methods; but hey, it’s true, and I think you’ll be better off if you realize it.

My name’s and I’ve seen so many questionable trading methods and hare-brained systems over the years that I’ve lost count.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some good ones out there, but I believe the majority of them set expectations way too high and then never deliver on what they promise.

What’s In Your ‘Toolkit’?

Imagine your future for a moment. If you go out 10 years and look back, what were the trading methods that were responsible for your potential success in the markets? What specific techniques do you wish you had learned earlier?

I believe you need to have a variety of methods and techniques in your trading ‘toolkit’ in order to potentially become a successful trader. Even that can’t guarantee success, but in my opinion it can maximize your chances.

Think about a carpenter who wants to build a chest of drawers. Before him lays a pile of wood and some nails. The carpenter who shows up with only a saw is going to have a hard time succeeding. Likewise, if he goes to work brandishing nothing but a shiny new hammer, the outcome is predictably bleak. However, if he goes to work with both his hammer and his saw… now he’s got a fighting chance, even if he’s just an apprentice. And the more specialty tools he brings to the job, the higher the probability that he’ll produce a beautiful product.

I think you get the picture. If you approach trading the markets with just one technique, I believe that over time the chances are good thatyou’ll miss out on countless opportunities. Benjamin Disraeli once said, “As a rule, he or she who has the most information will have the greatest success in life.” I agree, and that’s why I believe if you employ your toolkit with its various methods and techniques, you have a respectable chance for success, at the very least!

Little Nuggets of Wisdom

Remember when you first started trading the markets? Didn’t you wish you had an easy-to-understand, step-by-step, visual blueprint of useful trading methods? I know I did. That’s why I spent thousands of dollars on every method, technique, system or book I could find. Yes, I was searching for the “holy grail” of trading. No, I didn’t find it because it just doesn’t exist.

I learned a lot about what doesn’t work, but I also discovered some valuable ‘nuggets’. One such nugget is that no method wins on every trade. You’re always going to have losers, so get over it and instead focus on controlling risk with sound money management principles. This concept alone is a BREAKTHROUGH for many traders.

The Power Of Divergence Trading

When it comes to trading, I’m sure you’re familiar with following ‘the trend’. Trading with the trend is a time-honored maxim among traders that should be self-evident. If you trade with the trend, the probability of being right increases – that is, until a divergence pattern occurs.

When divergence occurs, it may be best to stand aside or even trade against the trend based on the divergence pattern. For example, the classic bearish divergence pattern occurs when the market makes a higher high than the last swing high and at the same time a corresponding oscillator makes a lower high. When this occurs, the up trend may be stalling out and under certain conditions it may signal a reversal in trend. The reverse occurs with a bullish divergence pattern. If that didn’t make sense to you, don’t worry – it’s covered in detail in the Super Divergence Blueprint.

Trading with the trend will always be a useful technique; however, you could be missing out on many potential trading opportunities and early identification of a trend reversal if you ignore the divergence pattern. The Super Divergence Blueprint can help you potentially harness the power of this pattern and should be a welcome addition to yourgrowing toolkit of trading methods and techniques.

Want to know the TRUE POWER of the Super Divergence Blueprint? Here it is: It complements any existing trend-following trading method perfectly. So you can use your favorite trend-following method just fine, and then the trend reverses, just PLUG IN the Super Divergence Blueprint. This lets you INCREASE the amount of trading opportunities you’re presented with. Frankly, most traders miss these trend reversals completely. You can never predict the future, but what happens if the next time you’re looking at a chart there’s a potentially profitable divergence trade staring you straight in the face?Wouldn’t you like to know what to do?

Introducing… The Super Divergence Blueprint

I believe these step-by-step CD-ROM screen capture video tutorials are the most in-depth and complete course ever created that focuses with laser-like intensity on the classic trend reversal divergence trading setup. In fact, I named this course the Super Divergence BLUEPRINT because I show you a specific, step-by-step, repeatable trading method that you can apply again and again. It really is like a blueprint that will teach you how to ‘dig out’ otherwise hidden trading opportunities.

I spent three full months researching example charts, recording screen capture videos, and producing a first class trading method with the invaluable assistance of my son, Greg. Without him, it just wouldn’t be possible for me to bring you this method.

If you’ve ever studied others’ trading methods or techniques, you can probably attest to the fact that many of them are downright complicated! Don’t you agree? In my opinion, a trading method needs to be simple in order to be effective in the real world. Why? Because I honestly don’t believe most traders will be able to follow a complicated method day in and day out. However, it’s been my experience that a simple method with clear and concise rules is much easier to use in real world trading.

Trade Any Market In Any Time Frame…

One of the most powerful aspects of the Super Divergence Blueprint is that it can be used to trade in any market and any time frame! For example, you can use it to trade any market , whether you’re day trading 15 minute bars, daily bars, or weekly bars. Already have a trend-following method? Then you’re a perfect candidate for the Super Divergence Blueprint, because it “latches on” to your existing method as it looks for the often-missed trend reversal opportunities…

Simple Indicators + Simple Rules + Trend Reversal = The Way To Discover Otherwise ‘Hidden’ Trades…

The Super Divergence Blueprint uses just three common indicators – the exponential moving average, simple moving average envelopes, and stochastics. The key is in how you apply these three indicators and how they interact with each other.

Trend reversal divergence can occur in two ways – as bearish divergence and as bullish divergence. I reveal both types in great detail on my step-by-step CD-ROM videos. For each type of divergence, you will learn:

  • The General Case: This is the high-level blueprint of the patterns to look for that indicate a potential divergence trade.
  • Setup & Entry Signal: These are described in great detail and then applied to dozens of examples on several different charts.
  • Exit Rules: You’ll learn where to exit a trade. Includes the use of a trailing stop to help maximize potential profits.
  • Money Management: These simple money management rules are a critical part of the Super Divergence Blueprint, or any trading method, for that matter.
  • Stock Screening Parameters: For stock traders, I provide some high-level screening parameters that should help you identify potential divergence candidates.

For all its potential power, I believe the true elegance of the Super Divergence Blueprint is in its simplicity. If you found a trading method that was relatively simple to apply and that gave you the potential to capture otherwise missed trading opportunities, wouldn’t you be clamoring to add it to your own trading toolkit?

Imagine what it will feel like to spot brand new trading opportunities in places you never thought to look before…

Click Here And Prepare Yourself For A Simple Yet Powerful Way To Trade Trend Reversals Again & Again…The Following Materials Will Be RUSHED To You When You Reserve Your Own Copy Of The Super Divergence Blueprint

Screen Capture Video Tutorials CD-ROM #1

The first CD-ROM contains over 60 minutes of detailed screen capture video tutorials that cover the following topics:
  • Introduction, Overview, & Indicators Used
  • Bearish Divergence Overview, Setup, Entry, Exit, & Summary
  • Bullish Divergence Overview, Setup, Entry, Exit, & Summary
  • Money Management
  • Plot Indicators
  • Entry Signal Bar Detail
  • 9 detailed example charts, including stocks, forex, and futures

Screen Capture Video Tutorials CD-ROM #2

The second CD-ROM contains over 60 minutes of detailed screen capture video tutorial example charts, continuing where CD-ROM #1 left off, including: 

  • 14 detailed chart examples, including stocks and futures
  • Conclusion of the Super Divergence Blueprint

Detailed Reference Guide

This 23-page, handy reference guide lets you follow along with the CD-ROM videos, and covers the following topics: 

  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Bearish Divergence
  • Bullish Divergence
  • Money Management
  • Stock Screening Parameters
  • Example Charts Reference

Super Divergence Blueprint:

Forex Online Video SeriesBy popular demand, I recorded over a FULL HOUR of step-by-step videos specifically teaching you how to apply the Super Divergence Blueprint to theForex markets. Here are the charts covered: 

  • AUD/CAD daily bars 
  • GBP/USD daily bars 
  • EUR/GBP daily bars 
  • EUR/USD 60 min bars 
  • USD/CAD weekly bars 
  • USD/CHF daily bars 
  • AUD/EUR daily bars 
  • GBP/EUR daily bars 
  • EUR/USD daily bars 
  • AUD/USD daily bars 

This hands-on series of screen capture videos is split up into 10 separate lessons that will be e-mailed directly to your inbox.

Yes, I’m Ready To Unearth The Power Of The Super Divergence Blueprint!

If you’re a serious and decisive trader who is committed to taking the time to study a new trading method that can help you discover “lost” trading opportunities, then I have somegood news for you.

Many late nights and long hours went into producing the Super Divergence Blueprint. If I were to value this method based on my billable consulting rate of $200/hr, there’s at least $2,500 of value here.

I understand that $2,500 is a bit pricey even for traders with deep wallets, and I really would like as many traders as possible to experience the Super Divergence Blueprint for themselves.

So here’s what I’m going to do… For a limited time only, and while supplies last, I’m willing to discount the entire Super Divergence Blueprint package, including both CD-ROMs, the reference guide, and 1 year of unlimited student email support for the low investment of only $347.

I can’t guarantee this deal will last, so you really should reserve your own copy of the Super Divergence Blueprint today.

Are You Ready To Discover New Opportunities With My Trend Reversal “Secrets”?

Make some room in your trading toolkit for the Super Divergence Blueprint. After you review the step-by-step CD-ROMs jam-packed with example after example, you could be in a position to potentially take advantage of the next trend reversal divergence trading opportunity… but only if you take action today!

Be like the carpenter who approaches a pile of wood and transforms it with a complete toolkit. Only with the right tools will he be able to craft a masterpiece. Likewise, your potential ‘masterpiece of success’ may be obscured in the markets if you don’t have all the right trading tools to help you find it.

Remember, the Super Divergence Blueprint complements any trend-following method perfectly. So while most traders just sit by and idly twiddle their thumbs when the trend reverses, you can discover countless trading opportunities that most traders would otherwise have missed.

Congratulations! Since you made it this far on the web page, you’re already further ahead than most others. Woody Allen once said, “Seventy percent of success in life is showing up.” I’d tend to agree! So now that you’ve shown up, take the next step and reserve your own copy of the Super Divergence Blueprint to see how it can help you discover new trades in places you never thought to look.

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to having you as a student.

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