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Beginner Course

New to Trading? This is where to start!

Intro course for beginners who want to learn the foundation of how to become a profitable stock trader.9

Cost: $99


Become an expert stock trader regardless of your experience, background, or time committments!

Learn what it takes to become successful

We’ve been trading full-time in the markets for over 20+ years. This course covers the complete foundation on what it takes to become a consistently profitable trader in the stock market.

Take the class anywhere on your schedule

Our strategies can be implemented regardless if you have a full-time job, or if you are a full-time trader.

No prior experience necessary

We’ve molded absolute beginners into successful traders.

A Comprehensive, Full-Featured Course

This course is conducted via videos in our E-Learning Online Module. Participate in the course from any device, any time, any where.

Absorb The Material Efficiently

Each section will contain a quiz to reinforce the material. At the end of the course you will have a final exam to make sure you fully understand every aspect our strategies.

What Will You Learn In The ?

See The Chapters Included In The Course

Chapter 1 – Introduction To Trading Style vs. Other Styles. Our style focuses on high probability low-risk trades, it can be adapted to any market environment.

Chapter 2 – Not everyone has the time or interest to sit in front of the computer to trade full time. strategies can be implemented by full time or part time traders and investors.

Chapter 3 – Understand how markets actually work. All stocks fluctuate, learn when buy and hold may not be the appropriate strategy. Discover strategies to make money when the market goes up or down.

Chapter 4 – You can become successful regardless of your experience or capital. It doesn’t matter about their age, background, prior experience, etc.

Chapter 5 – Learn what short selling is and how to profit when the market declines.

Chapter 6 – Charts allow us to objectively view how a stock is trading and you will learn techniques to gain a solid understand of market cycles with specific trading examples.

Chapter 7 – News and the ONLY time we use news. (Examples of how news was used to our benefit in helping make a trading decision, and why all other news is “noise” for our trading style)

Chapter 8 – Stocks do not always trade the way you expect them to based on news. Learn to interpret the relationship between news and prices so you do not become a victim of someone else’s opinion.

Chapter 9 – Order Types & How To User Each To Your Advantage (mkt, limit, stop, trailing stop, etc.)

Chapter 10 – Why real-time data is essential and how to get an advantage from using it. Where to find it for free and how to interpret it!

Chapter 11 – Level 2 data, what it is and is it really necessary?

Chapter 12 – Tips for reducing emotions in the decision making process & how to constantly improve and track your progress.

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