Alan Farley - the Trade

We have designed The Trade and The Master Swing to present complementary products that offer unique value for each student. The course features substantial audio multimedia and over 700 original illustrations, as well as interactive exercises that enhance the book's topics and themes. The course also allows students to mentor directly with the author. We have constructed these materials so you can study them in any order you choose. In other words, the course may be taken before reading the book, or vice-versa. However, we strongly recommend that students eventually access both products in order to build powerful and original trading knowledge.

Mastering The Trade reveals market tactics that professionals have known for years. It contains dozens of original trading strategies never before seen in print or online. This excellent course directs you through all the steps required to survive in today's volatile markets. And MTT is presented by Hard Right Edge, the name you trust for the best in trader education.

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