Douglas R.Sease - Winning With The Market

A lifetime plan for building and maintaining low cost, powerful portfolios, whatever your means and financial goals Winning with the Market simplifies the investment process, freeing investors from the tyranny of so-called experts who promise huge returns on the latest hot stock, junk bond, or costly mutual fund 
-- a strategy that has brought both financial and emotional strain to many investors in the volatile markets of recent years. 

Here, Wall Street Journal veteran Douglas Sease presents a systematic way to think about investment over the course of a lifetime, explaining: How to save money for investing Where to make initial investments When to shift the balance of the holdings in your portfolio Why your best strategy is to invest with the market 
-- in the form of stock-index mutual funds and inflation-indexed Treasury bonds With Sease as a guide, you'll learn how to create a customized portfolio for every stage of your life. He provides nearly two dozen different model portfolios, offering options for a wide range of risk tolerance, income, age, and financial goals. As a journalist who has followed the careers of superstar investors Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch, he recognizes that their achievements lie beyond the reach of most people. With this simple, accessible plan, he makes it possible for ordinary investors to set and reach reasonable goals, making the most of their time and money.

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