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Sacredscience - - Notes On W.D.Gann's Hidden Material

The Complete I-IX Lecture Notes

The Sacred Science Institute is proud to offer for the first time ever in their complete form, the Seminars of Dr. Jerome Baumring. Dr. Baumring is the only known person to have understood the true method of Gann’s process of market forecasting, and moreover to have understood that this method is based upon a complete understanding of the holistic nature and laws of the universe. Thus Dr. Baumring was not teaching some simple method of market analysis, but rather was teaching the complete system of universal cosmology as in the ancient tradition of the sacred mystery schools, and using the markets as a laboratory for the demonstration of these universal principles.

Gann I Lecture Notes

1986 An Overview of All 12 Seminars. These Notes Present A Detailed Record of Baumring's Teachings, Theories, Diagrams & Market Applications as Presented In The Seminars. Contents: Conventional Cycle Wisdom; Definitions of Cycle; 45 Degree Angle vs. Pitch or Trend; How To Measure a Cycle; Nodal Points; Monad; Octave Intervals; Square of 9; Squaring The Circle = Squaring Price & Time; Vesica Piscis; Hexagonal Symmetry; Slope of Hypotenuse; Tangential Vectors & Pitch; Harmonic & Arithemetic Mean; Alternating Beats; Double Square; Retracement Percentages; Octaves; Theory of Allocution; Sequential Series; Proportion; as Kabbalist; Natural Opposites; Harmonic Composition & Decomposition; Solomon's Seal; Growth; Hexagon; Types of Angles; Planetary Hours; Time & Price; Planes of Symmetry; Finding Dominant Cycle; Vector Momentum; Irregular Cycles; Pitch; Time & Angles; Squares As Spiral Generators; Gnomonic Growth; Circumscribed Objective; Ratio; Time More Important Than Price; Tangents To A Parabolic; Wavelengths; Parabolic & Hyperbolic Moves; Symmetry In Z Plane; Wave Polarity; Trading; Wave Principle; Polygonal Symmetry; MultiDimensional Market Phenomena; Ellipse; Curvilinear Light; Geometric Transformation; Calendar vs. Days; Polarity & Forms of Vibration; Electromagnetic Planetary Influences; Planetary Angles; Gann's 3rd & 4th Dimension of Time & Price; Pitch; Growth; Capstone; Pythagoras; 47th Problem of Euclid; Progressional Series; Light, Sound & Color; Numerology, Astrology & Vibration Thoery; Einstein & Gann: Similar Concepts of Relativity, Vibrations, Impulse & Natural Order; "As Above So Below"; Time Interval; Number Progressions; Birth Point; Soybeans; Volume: The Driving Force of Market; Tape Reading; Bonds; Open Interest; Examples; Velocity vs. Acceleration; Vector Wiggle; Triple Square; Momentum Wave; Amplitude = Interval; Gann's Death Angle; Retracements; Dow Cycles; K-Fold Symmetry; Electron Orbitals; Symmetry In Nature; Number Root Growth; Energy Levels; Mercury Cycle; Unfolding Square; Elliot; Edson Bears; Gann's Center of Gravity; Wave Mechanics; Lambda; Potential & Kinetic Energy; Music; Numbers as Points of Force; Diagonal of Vesica Piscis; Pitch Truing a Chart; Measuring Frequency of Oscillation; Price Symmetry; Parabolic Motion; Cycle; Volatility; Law of Periodicity; Summational Waves; Law of Proportion; Radius; "Everything Done By The Square"; Freemasons; 7 Intervals, 8 Octaves; Finding Nodal Lines and Wave Forms on Wheat Charts.

Gann II Lecture Notes

1986 These Notes Present A Detailed Record of Baumring's Teachings, Theories, Diagrams & Market Applications as Presented In The Seminars. Contents: Cleopatra's Needle; Universal Number Set; Gann's Reference to the Book of Revelations; Perfect Numbers; Zero As Place Holder; Natural Opposite Numbers; Musical Scales; "13 Lucky/Unlucky Number"; Numerology; Ratio & Proportion; Lumber, Platinum & Copper; Time Compression; Spectral Density; Polar Coordinates; Square of Nine; Pitch; Slope; Forces; Liquids - Pressure, Volume; Torque - Work, Potential Energy; Theoretical Wave Mechanics; Components of Vibrational Energy; Cycle Phasing; Cycle Low vs. Momentum Low; Translation; Star Pentagram; Patterns of Growth; Volume = 3rd Dimension = Cuboid; Pressure Gradients; Tonal Ratios; Velocity; Wyler's Market Physics; Volume = Mass; " Mass Pressure Kinetics"; Vector Analysis; Energy; Wheat Charts; Nodal Lines; Irregular Beats; The Saucer Bottom; Energy Levels; Ionization Potential; Tetrahedron & Pyramid; Overlap of Chemistry & Music; Consolidation; Electron Stability; Dow Nodal Points; Parabolic Growth; Parabolic Equations; Lost Motion; Slope; Vectors; Retracements; Trigonometric Functions; Numbers Are Symbols; "The Longer the Stronger"; Gann's Square of 52 Really a Pentagon; Geometric Addition & Symbolism; 5 & 7 Year Cycles; 2-D vs. 3-D; Order The Key To Gann; Macrocosm - Microcosm; Geometrical Series Progression Thru Polygons; Phi; Concentric Circles & Logarithmic Spirals; Trigonometric Series; Curvature of Light; Quadrature Of Circle; 2-Fold Symmetry; Conic Sections; Gann's Coffee Rio Chart; Time Is Curvilinear; Square of Range; 2 Vesica Piscis; Wavelength; Dominant Cycles; Wave Phasing; Elongation & Compression of Waves; Cycles; Difference Between Price Reactions & Rallies; Axis of Symmetry; Hexagonal Growth; Kinds of Series: Summational, Square, Hexagonal, Co-Serial, Trigonometric, Parabolic; Angles; Angles As Asymptotes Of Parabolas & Hyperbolas; Gann's Horizontal, Vertical & Diagonal Angles & What They Measure; Spiral Vectors; Quanta Shells; Music & Chemical Valence Levels; Harmonic Composition & Decomposition; Price Element & Time Cycle; Star Pentagram; Benzene Configurations; "Everything Builds On Itself"; Polygonal Order; Diamonds; Stability; Garret & Wyler; Trajectories; Pressure; Polarity; Periodicity; Charts; Pitch & Slope; Measurements for Analysis; Combines Different Series In His Work; Cycles Are Progressional Series; Everything In Nature Combines In Certain Ratios To Form Progressional Series Which Repeat In Periodicities Forming Certain Patterns; What Looks Like Noise Has Periodicity; March Wheat; Forces of Nature; Defining Tops & Bottoms; Soybeans; Measuring Snap-Backs; Rotocenters; Diamond Cutting; '79 Hogs.

Gann III Lecture Notes

1986 These Notes Present A Detailed Record of Baumring's Teachings, Theories, Diagrams & Market Applications as Presented In The Seminars. Contents: Different Growth Forms Have Different Forms of Symmetry Three Geometrical Forms Can Define All Growth; Angles Are Moving Averages; Price Variance; Component Production of Composite Waves; Progression; Identification of Cycles Using Yearly Charts; Periods to Watch; Quadrants of Circle; Logarithmic Spirals; Gnomonic Growth; Concentric Circles; Triangles of Pascal; The Zero Point; Repeating Patterns; 60 Year Patterns; Periodicity; Ratios of Circle; Gann's Retracements; Motion of Vibrating String; Cardinal Cross; Number Set Progressions & Wave Theory; Symmetry & Natural Opposites; Time & Price Overbalancing; Plateau Areas & Periods; Component Waves & Gann's Cycles; Genetic Coding; Market Phases; Uranus & Saturn; Inner & Outer Planets; Planetary Electromagnetic Effects; Gann's Time Counts; Conjunctions & Oppositions; Sensitive Points In Time; Recurrence of Planetary Configurations; Short Term Cycles; Wheels; Astrometeorology; Canons of Proportion; Impulse & Retracement; Cycle Length Ratios & Correspondence To Planetary Orbits; 5 Years Is Gann's Smallest Cycle; Gann's 60 Year Cycle; Gann's New Discovery, The Master Numbers & Their Use; the Master Time Factor; Cycles vs. Periodicity; Recurrent Behavior Patterns; Gann's 5, 7 & 10 year Cycles & Their Definitions; Astrolabe; Planetary Perturbation; Number Sets & Symmetry; Vector Symmetry; Vectorial Direction; Squaring Price & Time; Elliot Channel; Pentagons Formed By Triangles; Decahedron - Tetrahedron - Icosohedron; Trisection of An Angle; Mirror of DNA; Faces of Cube; Cardinal Cross vs. Fixed Cross; Pi; Axial Symmetry; Curvilinear Time; Squaring The Circle & Number Sets; Interweaving Lattices; Symmetry Nets; Growth Matrix; Growth Followed By Decomposition; Limitation of Martix; Beads of An Abacus; Gann's Calculators Are Curved Matricies; Lambdoma Sieves; Color - Number - Sound, Symbolic Representation; Number Sets; No Zero; Numeric Recuction; Soybeans Have 3-Fold Pentagonal Symmetry; Axial Symmetry; Rotational Symmetry; Boundaries of Symmetry; Pi Clouds; The Leaf; Where To Look for Symmetry; How To Find Planes Of Symmetry; What Comes Before & After; Simultaneously Seeing Part & Whole; Vectors; Pyramid = Tetrahedron; Gann's Time Cycles Composed of Triangles & Squares; Square of 52 A Pentagon; Kabalistic; 2-D vs. 3-D Representation; Dynamic vs. Static Symmetry; Pentagonal Growth as Basis of Circle; Fibonacci; Overbalancing of Time; Measuring Time Reactions; Differentiating Major & Minor Swings; 100 Years of Data Enough to Determine Building Blocks & Growth Patterns; Cycles Within Cycles; Vesica Piscis & Ellipse; Vectors; Seeing Depth In Charts; Internal Verticies of Polygons; Importance of Visualization; Time Slices; Shared Verticies; Rings Demarkate Time; Pentagon; Relation of Pi & Phi Through Pentagram; Pi & Phi Relationship Constant In Time; 10 year Cycle; Soybeans Pentagonal; Sign of Jonah; 3 Days & 3 Nights; Important Polygons; Cosmic Clock; Verticies Are Hinges; Gematria; Gann's Percentage Increase On Base; Serial Progression; Time & Shape Changes; Time Symmetry; Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, All Have 7 in Common; Pythagorean Harmonics & the Meaning of the 10 & 60 Year Cycles; Icosahedron; Change Static To Dynamic Symmetry; Time Models; Forces; Energy Shells; Perfect Numbers; Gann's Master Calculators; Planetary Order; Mercury from Sun: Pythagorean Monad; Movements Thru Platonic Solids; Hedrons; Einstein's Unified Field Theory; Swing Theory; Boat, Sofa & Chair Configurations of The Benzene Ring; T-Bonds; Building Blocks; Chart: A 2-Dimensional Representation of a 3 or 4 Dimensional Reality; Chemical Substances; Time Counts - Progressions - Proportions - Swings; Long Term Graphs; 12 Year Cycle; Common Numbers; Pivot Points; Geometry Matches Solar Order; Volume = Area Under Curve; Spatial Orientation; Lapaz Transformations; Polar Coordinates; Rotation; Equilibrium of Pendulum; Mazes & Mandalas; Double Square; Obvious Always Most Hidden; Radius Vectors; Crossings; How To Use The Master Calculator; Snapshot of Dynamic Motion; Numerology.

Gann IV Lecture Notes

1987 These Notes Present A Detailed Record of Baumring's Teachings, Theories, Diagrams & Market Applications as Presented In The Seminars. Contents: Chart Applications of Principles; Swing Analysis; Time Counts; Reactions; Tradable Time Periods; Median Lines; Composite Top; Causes of Reactions; T-Bonds; vs. Calendar Days; Directional Movement; Where to Count Form; Vector Variations; Intervals; Symmetry on Z Plane; Andrews' ML Line; Vector Analysis; Electron Shells; Distortion In Commodities; Must Use All Charts At All Times; Gann's 1955 Work; Momentum Gaps; Proportional Measure; Bond Charts; Defining Interval Lengths; Roto-Centers; Measured Move; Acceleration Model; Maximum Linear & Parabolic Movement; Bonds; Determining Vector Changes; Sequences Repeating in Time; 60 Year Sections; Mirror Aspects; Rotation on 4 Axes; Transformation of Circle into Ellipse; Symmetry Is The Law; Dynamic Symmetry Above & Below; Gnomonic Growth; Sequential Morphology of Repeating Patterns; Sepharial; Theoretical Composite; Changes of Direction; 8 Year Interval; Cracking Cycles Through Intervals; Vectorial Force Change; 6, 8, 9, 12 Intervals; Perfect Harmonic Sequence; Gann's $ Value Chart 7 Stock Splits; Slanting Tops; Configurations - Patterns - Signatures; Cash Soybean Examples; Yearly, Monthly, Weekly & Daily Time Counts, How To Take Them; Gann's Great Time Cycle, 56 Years, 9 Months, 23 Days; Square of 144; Periodicity; Equilibrating Roto-Centers; Time Counterpoint; Z Plane & Gnomic Growth; Polarity Alteration; Radius Vectors; Chart Analysis; Force Over Time; Vectorial Multiples; Serial Progression; Wheels Within Wheels; Fundamental Units; S & P, How Much Data Needed To Find Periodicity; Node of Node; Where To Begin Measurements; Wave: Unit of Force Per Day; Long Waves vs. Impulse Waves; Accumulation; Pressure; Velocity & Acceleration; Impulse - Reaction; Vibration; Proportions; Chords; Super Cycles; Waves Not always Sinusodal; Wave Mutation & Planetary Connections; Law of Periodicity; Divisions of Master Components; Symmetry Vectors; Pivotal Points; Matching Acceleration & Deceleration; Damping; Carrier Waves; Beats; Minimum & Maximum Time Counts; Center Of Gravity; Calculus; Dead Lows; Squaring Lowest Price; Numerological Significance; Definitions of Time Lengths; 90 Degrees in Time; Finding Waves on Monthly Chart; "Supply" Bull Market: Inverted Market; Straddles & Spreads; Astrological Cycles In Market; Planetary Transits & Trigger Mechanisms; Eclipse Points; Popular Misconceptions of Moon Cycles; Time Swings & Price Swings; Gann's "Reactions Against The Trend"; Wave Phasing; Parabolic Arc; Logarithmic Spiral; Major & Minor Axis of Ellipse; Resultant Vectors; Momentum vs. Price Top; Bayer's Egg of Columbus; Floor & Ceiling; Defining Mass Pressure; Playing Off Old Highs & Lows; Multiple Views of One Reality; Time Markers; Rate of Change; T-Bond Examples; 3 Orders of Swings; Angle of Attack; Market Moves Down Faster Than Up; Strategy, Book of 5 Rings; Swing Theory: Gann, Cole & Tubbs; Deviant Vectors; Gann: Time More Important Than Price; Pattern Recognition - Universal Ordering Process; Look Hard At Macro Before Micro; Bisection In Time; Tangents To Curve; Area Under the Curve; Directional Growth on Square of Nine; Growth on Rotational Axis; Bohr Model Quantum Mechanics; Fibonacci Growth Factors; Growth Controllers; Plane of Cleavage; Vanishing Point; Radial Axis; Seeing Picture Over Crunching Numbers; Clockwise & Counterclockwise Rotation; Tetrahedron Is Cube; Inscribed & Circumscribed Squares & Circles; 3 Rings of Gann's Square of Nine; Unfolded Pyramid; root Ratios as Generators of Growth; Fixed & Cardinal Crosses as Axes of Galactic Rotation; Uranus; Pluto Calculations; Johndro; Jupiter Major Mass of Solar System; Alcyone, Nearest Large Sun; Solar System is Sphere; Markets Grow 3-Dimensionally; Square of Nine a Solar Return Chart; Polar vs. Cartesian Coordinates; "Building on the Square"; Growth Vortex: Electric (Kinetic) & Magnetic (Potential) Energy Interchanging.

Gann V Lecture Notes

1987 These Notes Present A Detailed Record of Baumring's Teachings, Theories, Diagrams & Market Applications as Presented In The Seminars. Contents: Bull Market vs. Bear Market Rally; Patterns Can Manifest as Polar Opposites; Regular & Predictable Periods; Gann's 6 Component Model; Vector Nets; Island Top; Calculus; Begin with Top & Bottom Formations, Most Important & Easiest; Short Term Waves Circular - Long Term Waves Elliptical; Basic Shape Tells Waves; Difference Between rectangular & Logarithmic Charts; Roto-Center Pole; Gann's Coffee Rio Chart; Rotation Around Pole; Time Axis; Moving Solids in space; Inside Radius Vectors; Conic Sections; Earth w. 15% Parallels; Mazes & Mandalas; Lining Up Ellipses; Making Ellipses To Fit Charts; Interacting Series; Beard's "Patterns In Space"; Archimedian Spiral & Rate Constants; Logarithmic Spiral & Root 3 Growth; Fibonacci Spiral & 72 Degree Turn; Different Phi Based Rate Constants For Different Length Swings; Series Ratios; Baravalle Spirals In Squares, Hexagons & Octagons; Roto-Centers, Cones & Gann's Tunnel Through The Air; 3 Types of Swing Charts; Adding & Combining Time Counts; How to Calculate Developing Series on Charts; Blocks Within Larger Periods; Ranges; Probability of Pattern Recognition; Soybeans; Location In Order of Whole; Shunt Periods; Describing Difference In Pattern; Bicycle Pedal Pattern; Prediction Future Moves Using Spiral Growth Chart; Sequence Analysis; Locating 3 points to Define a Series; Ellipse Series; Quadrant of Circle; Rolling Time; Tracing Volumes; Polish Ellipse; Controllers; Magic Name of Jehovah; Gann's Jehovah Diagrams From "Magic Word"; Kabballah & Temura; Sensitive Numbers; Examples; Putting A Polygon Around a Chart Pattern; Determining Phases; Finding 3 Intersecting Terms; Radical Controllers; Higher Order Polygonal Transformation; Root 5 Decomposition Model; Phi Decomposition; Golden Rectangle; Radical Numerology; Overlapping Spirals; Sub-Growth Phases; Charts Are Windows on Time; Relationship Of Part & Whole; Finding Stable State System; Carbon Atoms & Benzene Ring Configurations; Bayer's Hinge; Transforming 2-D to 3-D; Hexagonal Growth on Dow; Spiral Intersections; Bayer's 9" Ellipse & Beard's Earth with 15 Degree Parallels; Calculating Chart Ratios; Equilibration Patterns; Practical Pattern Recognition; Unusual Pieces Obscuring Patterns; 56 Year Repetitions; Semitone Harmonics; 8/9; Constellation Pleadies; Changing the Microscope View; Soybeans; Purpose of Gann's 8x8" Graph Paper; Harmonics & Pattern Production; Wave Nets & Pattern Addition.

Gann VI Lecture Notes

1987 These Notes Present A Detailed Record of Baumring's Teachings, Theories, Diagrams & Market Applications as Presented In The Seminars. Contents: Financial Astrology - Numerical Astrophysics; Concept of Mass; Einstein: E=Mc2; Mass = Energy; Centripetal & Centrifugal Forces; Galactic Centre Is Not Where Everyone Thinks It Is; "Apocalypse of the Golden Mean"; Mounds of the World As Time Markers; Pyramids & Churches & their Alignment With Galactic Center; Bayer's Equinox Points Different Than What You Think; Mitchel "Stellar Worlds"; March '84 Soybeans; Hambidge's "Dynamic Symmetry"; Complementary Rectangles; Analyzing Areas Using Reciprocal; Everything Mathematical Points Of Force; Relation of Length & Area; Time Is Measuring Stick; Yin & Yang; Gann's Lost Motion; When Price Doesn't Apply to the Square of Nine; Geometric Transformations of the Square of Nine; Manly Hall; Min. - Max. Area Under Curve; 3 Points on a Curve; Inner & Outer Circle; Cardinal & Equinox Points; Davidson's Great Pyramid; Solar Declination & Angles; Gann's Top & Bottoming Formations; Lower & Higher Orders Always Existing Ad Infinitum; First & Second Order Recurring Phenomena; Distances of Repetition; Double Beats; Higher Revolutions; The More History The Better; Lacked History So Went To Astrology; Comparing Like to Like; Addition Series; Time Only; History Repeats Itself; Comparing Vector Changes; Gann's Instructions for Comparison; Tandy Example; Computing Average Rate of Change In Cotton Market; 10, 7 & 2 Year Cycles; Astrological Readings; "Law of Cycles" & "Law of Periodicity"; "Law of Proportion"; Time Intervals; 7 Major Planets; Components of 60 Year Cycle; 120 Year Cycle; Unusual Aspects of Sepharial; Sepharial & Bayer's Major Insight; Tangents to 3 Bodies; Planetary Trigger Mechanisms; Jupiter Effect; Four Planet Model; Alcyone 29 Degrees Taurus; Order of Suns In The Creation of Ellipses; Johndro's Carrier Waves; Planetary Absorption & Reflection of Energy; Nelson's Planetary Effects On Weather; Sun as Transmitter; Jupiter The Great Reflector; Bayer's Planetary Distinctions; Geometric Planetary Configurations; Faster & Slower Planets; & Tubbs: beds of Accumulation & Distribution; Silver; Polarity; Gann's Master Circle Chart for Eggs; Directing the Poles; Midpoints; Electromagnetic Flares Related to Planetary Synodic Periods; Fixed Zodiac; Interior Angle of Pentagon; Gann's Circles on His Spiral Charts; Relations of Ellipses & Circles; Inner & Outer Circles & Squares; Transformations of Area to Volume; Squaring the Circle & Doubling the Cube; 3/Root 2, Phi, Pi, i, All Extremely Important; Socrates; Root 2 Growth; Slicing a Conic; Point of Observer; John Wilson's Series Summed - A Locus of Points Describing a Certain Phenomena; Use of Bayer's Ellipse; Axis of Bayer's Polish Ellipse; Gann's Egg Chart; Zero Point & Triangulation; Accell - Decell Model; Whip Effect & Inertia; Rectifying the Horoscope; Use of Heliocentric & Geocentric Astrology; Jupiter, Saturn & Soybeans; Uranus' Opposite Rotary Motion & the Unexpected in the Markets; Nuclear magnetic Resonance - Electron Spin Theory; Effects of Uranus Couplings; Tectonic Plate Shifts; Sunspot Cycles, Jupiter Effect & Neptune; Synodic Pairs; Time & Configuration; Energy Shells; Damping Effects; Time Series Progression.

Gann VII Lecture Notes

1987 These Notes Present A Detailed Record of Baumring's Teachings, Theories, Diagrams & Market Applications as Presented In The Seminars. Contents: General Motors Long Term Weekly Chart; Wave Pattern of the Chart; The Stock Market "Record" 200 Year Pattern Morphology; How To Determine Duration of Market Moves; Serial Progression; Periodicity; Reflective Formations; Cyclic Number Series; Bull Campaign; Matching Patterns at Periodicities; Using the Hypotenuse to "Build on the Square"; kinetic Energy - Potential Energy; Energy Applied - Energy Stored; Beds of Accumulation; Slope & Angle of Attack; To Make a Forecast You Must Know Where You Are In Each Order; Swing Comparison; Breaking Down a Chart; Correlative Percentages; Triple Single & Double Tops - Vector Mixes; Gann's Topping Formations; Top vs. Bottom - 180 Degrees Apart; Find Order To The Differences; Analysis; Periodicity of Polarity; Significant Time Points & Vectorial Changes; Analysis; Saturn Cycle; Gann: For Every Bottom There Is a Top, & For Every Top There Is a Bottom; Resolution; Sequence; Ratio & Additive; Work Down To Daily; Develop Transformation Code; Lay Out Flow Chart of Forecasting Code; Comparing Like with Like; Checking 7 Year Intervals; Cell Birth; Dead Reckoning From Highs & Lows; Triangulation on the Sphere; Getting a Fix on Location; Progression of Number Sequence; Growth & Decay; Winding & Growing; Winding & Dying; Progressively Sequential Growth & Decay Coding; Ordering of Mass Psychology; Min & Max Reliability Value; What is Occurring I a Signature of Things to Come; Functions of 9; Rectifying a Market Chart; Multiple Orders; Mercury - Pluto; Transformations of Zero Point; The Relationship of Geocentric & Heliocentric to Short & Long Term Patterns & To Arithmetic & Logarithmic Scales; Johndro & The Ineffectivity of the Inverse Square Law; Reflection of Energy; Bounce Effect; Rate Constants; 3 Dimensional Perception; Perspective Paper; Vector = Slope + Direction of Force; Direction Included 3-D; Orb of Influence of Aspects; Axes of Space; Wheat Chart; Results of Stress In System; Energy Shells & Bands; Escape Velocity; Stable Configurations; Price & Pressure; Intervals, Wave Length; & Bayer: Intervals Defined by Circles, Squares & Ellipses; 3-D Space; Analysis of Square of Nine; Price is Space; Conjunctions & Oppositions; Where I Energy Coming From?; Orientation in Space & Heavens; Polar Market Charts; Law of Vibration, Squaring the Circle, Music - Harmonics, Proportion - Ratio, Root 2, Fibonacci, Phi Growth & Decomposition: No Predictability From Any ONE: Each Works for a While Then Doesn't; The Intertwining of All of It; Circle = Infinite Polygon; Uniting the Finite & Infinite; Halving The Circle; yi & Yang; Vesica Piscis: Relation of Interval to Amplitude; Pentagon: Symbol of Life; Fivefold Symmetry; Star Pentagram; Musical 4th & 5th; Creation Thru Gnomonic Growth; Platonic Solids; Music; Pythagorean Octave; Musical Ratios; Tone Mandala = Logarithmic Progression; Turning Calculators Into Music; Septiform System of The Cosmos; 5 fold Symmetry in Human, 7 Fold In Botanical World; Atomic Weight of Carbon = 12, Basis of All Life; Square of 52; Alteration Between Harmonic & Arithmetic Means; Comparison of 1792 & 1914 on Dow; Monad; Earth Is A Child of The Sun; Saturn - Jupiter Cycle; Growth on Earth Related to Heaven; Same Growth in Market & Nature; Vibration of Dow Changing With Changing Stocks; Must know Which Cycle Is Running; Must know Where You Are; Square of Nine A Natal Chart; Like Cause - Like Effect, Like for Like Not Similar; Order In Space; Chemical Molecular Blocks; Right Brain Experience.

Gann VIII Lecture Notes

1988 These Notes Present A Detailed Record of Baumring's Teachings, Theories, Diagrams & Market Applications as Presented In The Seminars. Contents: Fractal - Symmetry Every Which Way; Mandelbrott; circles Inscribed In Squares; Face of Cube; Keystone Is Always First Block; Composition & Decomposition Within Cube; Greater & Lesser Seals of Solomon; Beard; Octaves; Formula; Apocalypse of Golden Mean; Spinning Triangles; Triangle + Square = 7; 10 Year Cycle Really 20 Years; Fractal Time Blocks, Monthly - Weekly Daily; Nautilus Shell; 3 Points Define Curve; 8 Followed By 5; Annual Forecasts; Gann's Stock Course: Formations of Tops & Bottoms; Reactions; Ellipse; Must Have a Pitch True Chart; How to Use Bayer Overlays; Gann's Inner & Outer Circle; Circle 1/2 Lambda; Locating the Major Reaction; Where In directional Series; Fractals; Duration; Bear Market Rally; Tagging Pieces; Everything Has Relationship; Growth From Center of Cube; Conic Sections; General Motors Flips; Parallelogram With Diagonals; 9 & Chart Signatures; Bayer: True Low & Hinged Gate; Same Patterns or Fractals Proportionally Related; Symmetry From Center To Edge of Cube; Nephroid; Basic Block Double Circle; Square of Nine & 15 Degree Parallels; Building Blocks Not Sinusodal; DNA: Hexagon - Pentagon - Rectangle; 3-D Cube & Square, Gann's Square of Nine; Diagonals; Teleois Proportions Will Produce Every One of Gann's Cycles; Teleois Series; Sunspot Cycle Alteration; Number Sieve; 7 Intervals In Octave; Electron Fill Order; Gann's New Master Numbers; Unfolded Pyramid; Double Square; Close Packing of Spheres; 7 Planets of Ancients; Cube - Hexagon Relationship; Dynamical Cause; Wheat 1931; Degrees of Rings in Calculator; 1/2 Ellipses Nephroid & Double Circle; Double Helix; May Soybeans; Pentagram; Geometric Addition; Development of a Circular Series; Root 2, 3, 5, 7 Growth; 3 Points Define Spiral; Circles In Geometric Progression; Vesica Piscis; Focal Points of Ellipse; Centers Are Attractor Points; Time Is Curvilinear; Wrapping; Exercise: Finding Time Rolls; Backwards Spirals; Square of 4 & 9; Directions of Rotation; Hyperboloid Cones; Gann: Can Do Whatever You Want With A Circle Square & Triangle; Meander Maze; Specific Codes Throughout Growth; Least Effort To Achieve Maximum Efficiency & Stability; Moving Through Different Parts of Cube; Simultaneous Orders of Growth; Construction of 60 Year Cycles; Musical Relationship; Snapping Together Building Blocks; What Precedes & What Follows; Putting Time back Into the 3rd Dimension; 50% Increase on Base; Pythagoras: 1, 2, 3, 4 Is All You Need.

Gann IX Lecture Notes

1987 These Notes Present A Detailed Record of Baumring's Teachings, Theories, Diagrams & Market Applications as Presented In The Seminars. Contents: Definition of Cycle: Period Of Recurrence; Specific DNA & Math Sequences vs. Sunusoidal Waves; Formation; Time is Elliptical & Spiral Motion; Sepharial's 60 Year Cycle; Addition; Beard; 3 Isosoleces Triangles In Pentagram; Circular Progression 7 Gann's Jehovah; Star of David; Order In Space; Universal One; Pressure System; Bowing Effect; solar Return Chart; Declination; Ouspenski; Whole, Part & Relation; Hinges & Shunts; DNA "Mutations"; Substitution, Deletion, Addition; Turning Time Curvilinear; Unfolded Cube & Cross; Spherical Coordinates; Wheels Within Wheels; Magic Word, Jehovah; Generators; Dual Spirals of Vortex Systems; Market Damping; Gull's Wings; Verification of Curve; Ribbon Effect; Point of Observer; Location In Space; Pascal's Triangles & Gann's Coffee Rio Chart; The True Value of Pi; Bohr Quantum Energy Levels; Power Inversions & Semitones; Kepler's Law of Solar System & its Relation to the Circle; Equation For Ellipse; Oblong Circle & Oblong Square; Use of Vesica Piscis in Squaring the Circle, Doubling the Cube, & Trisecting the Angle; Circumference of Ellipse; Elliptical Time Measures; Tangents to Circle; Appehelion & Perihelion; Major Axis & Minor Axis; time Measurements; Finding Pieces; Wheat Charts; Similar Year Characteristics; Lengths To Measure; Key Words: Portent, Foretell, Forecast; Similarities in Runs; Fractals; Clarification of Gann's Duration; Dissimilarities; Can Use Fractals In Place of Long Term History; DNA Code Exists in One Cell; Transcription - The Message; Meander Mazes; July Wheat; Overlapping Parts; Transcription Locking; Spatial Alignment; One Cycle - One Sequence of Events; Not All First Order; No Cycles Overlapping, Evolution of Growth; 4 Year Piece in Soybeans; Yearly - Quarterly - Daily Charts; 13 Year Soybean Segment; Termination of Moves; Growth Not Always Proportional or Harmonic.

The Complete I-IX Lecture Notes

1986- 1989 250p. These Notes Present A Detailed Record of Dr. Baumring's Teachings, Theories, Diagrams & Market Applications as Presented at the Investment Centre Seminars. Each Seminar Lasted Two Eight-Hour Days. The Notes Included in This Set Came from 14 Different Presentations of the Nine Seminars with the First Four Seminars Having Been Repeated More Than Once Each. Dr. Baumring Did Not Follow Exact Lecture Notes But Made Spontaneous Orderly Presentations, Following a Previously Selected Series of Projected Images, Selections of Text & Charts, Upon Which He Would Elaborate During the Seminar. As Students Asked Questions Dr. Baumring Would Explain In Greater Detail Various Aspects of These Topics, so That Each Repetition of An Individual Seminar Contains New Information & Further Elaborations Upon Different Points. For An Extremely Detailed Description of Contents See The & Baumring Category and the Financial Market Forecasting Section of This Web Site. The Bulk Purchase of The Complete Series of Lecture Notes Includes a $250.00 Discount. For A Greater Bulk Discount Please See The Complete Course Manuals & Lecture Notes.

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